More Twitter Tools


Quick post to provide some great links to more Twitter tools…

Click here for 12 tools that break down well into users, marketers, bloggers and networkers.

Twitoria – data on how active (or inactive) your followers are.

Twitter Starter Kit – The basics are right here.

Ok – enough about Twitter for now… While I’m pretty certain that Twitter has carved out a solid social media space that will outlive its current 15 minutes of fame, I’m Twittered out!


8 Twitter Tools


Here is my (growing) list of Twitter tools, straight up:

  • SocialToo!: Auto follows and messages, predetermined tweet times and daily reports of followers/unfollowers; other social media apps too
  • Twannabe: Allows you to drill into targeted Twitterers, and view/follow who they are following
  • TwitterCounter: Displays the top 100, and provides stats/predictions on your own account
  • Mr. Tweet: A Twitter account you follow, that recommends followers for you
  • Twilert: Searches and updates tweets for keywords (your brand for example)
  • Tweetstats: Makes your Twitter use visible through graphs
  • HootSuite: Allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts in one app, schedule tweets, etc…
  • Tweetdeck: Live account updates, multiple columns; simply the best Twitter interface tool

A Few  Tips

I have tried all these tools and use some of them frequently. Give them a test drive and see what works well for you. But if nothing else, keep these ideas in mind:

  1. Keep it Real: Coming across as fake or automated is a turn off. The only automated function I use is to autofollow.
  2. Follow Back: Follow those who follow you. You can always unfollow later…
  3. Share Others: Don’t just tweet about your most recent blog update, share info/links, and RT (retweet) other people’s info/tweets

Have a Twitter tool that you use that’s not on my list? Please drop a comment and list it…