Measuirng Sports Team Social Influence


Have a look at the following links.

I’ve listed these rankings based on Klout – which has gotten a lot of pub recently in changing its influence algorithms.  In general, many people have an issue with Klout in terms of exactly what and how it measures, but it is a data point to take note of. I suggest you have a look at how I’ve positioned them, and then play around with the different ranking categories available.

First – the 4 major North American Leagues…

And then have a look at global sports brands and teams.

It’s a pretty interesting site to play with. It’s obvious that total populations do not equal influence – but what might not be so obvious is what the benefits of influence are. Channeling and motivating that influence – beyond loyalty and the often overused term of “engagement” – is what social marketing is all about.

What do you think about what you see here? Does Klout matter – and regardless of the measurement tool, what is your position on Influence that drives the $?


Social Media Adoption: Slow Process for Teams


Last year, many teams and leagues recognized the potential and flat out requirement to be more involved in social media – but how far have they come in adopting these sites for fan engagement or integrating sponsorship opportunities?

This is the high season for sports – the kick-off of the NFL season, MLB playoff races, the NHL season is about to start and the NBA is just around the corner. There are more eyeballs on more teams and leagues than any other time of year. Right now.

But is this opportunity being leveraged?

For the most part – I would suggest the answer is no. Despite interest, there is a lot of tire ticking and/or reluctance. There are also teams who are looking to be leaders but are not willing to put up the investment in time or dollars without the classic ROI path in advance.

There are some teams who are fully engaged – nothing new for the Phoenix Suns – well regarded as thought leaders in the sports and social media field. And there are other teams out there I am in conversation with and aware of who are taking the steps now to organize and launch major social media initiatives and sponsorship integrations.

This is the exciting future path – this is where thought leaders are taking the industry, and this is where the others will follow in time.

Upcoming Social Media and Sports Webinar: Aug. 6th



Check out the link for the webinar by clicking here. Hurry – it’s this Thursday, August 6th!

This great presentation comes from a contact of mine – Trevor Turnbull at zu. These are the folks who built StampsConnect which I posted about a few weeks ago. I received some great feedback on this site – this should be an informative webinar and I encourage you to join in and check it out.

I first met Trevor via Twitter during the Pens/Caps series of the NHL playoffs – since then we have traded lots of good ideas. Zu is working on some exciting stuff, so be sure to attend.