Profile and Network Management Tips


So you have a Facebook profile, a Twitter profile, a Linkedin profile… perhaps some profiles on other social networks as well.

Here’s my list of do’s and don’ts for your social media profile(s):

  • Don’t use 3rd person language – things like, “Carson is a…”. The social space is all about promoting uniqueness and individuality. Your own personal profile shouldn’t read like someone else wrote it.
  • Use a picture of yourself. Not having a picture reads as absent rather than private. Unless your profile is actually a brand, don’t use a logo. Show yourself, not your child(ren), or your pet.
  • Keep it short and to the point. If you want to share your life story, use each platform for what it does best: Linkedin for work experience, Facebook for things you like – don’t be redundant.
  • You don’t need to connect with the same people on each network. I frequently receive (and ignore) requests from Linkedin contacts to join them on another space. No need for that…
  • Lots of followers, friends and connections doesn’t mean anything for the sake of network size alone. Small, powerful networks are the way to operate in the business world unless you intend to spam (don’t).
  • Everyone is not a lead. Networking is about connecting people. Opportunities will come to you in turn. Provide value in the form of information and connections. Social media is not a hammer – it’s a nail.

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Google Profiles and Personal Branding


In a continuing effort to be everywhere at once, Google has a Profile feature… Here’s mine.

Do you have a Google profile? I’d be interested to see it and understand how people are using it differently than Facebook or Linkedin. I think it begs the question – just how many profiles does a person need? Or on the flipside, is the idea of a singular profile even important?

All these social media profiles are really a venue to demonstrate personal brand. Is it difficult to demonstrate consistency through multiple profiles? Is it an issue of redundancy? Is each profile a specifically different media and therefore merits a different “flavor” of personal brand?

I’d like your help in thinking this out… please let me know your thoughts!