Branding the Purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes: PART 2


Five For HowlingIt didn’t take long.

In response to the MakeItSeven website – or what I’ve called the branding of this purchase attempt, there is a t-shirt that positions against the brand called “Keep it Six”.

I think the interesting point here is that the PR battle hinges on the number of NHL franchises in Canada – but the issue is clearly elsewhere. The Coyotes are bankrupt – plain and simple. The brand has taken the issue to a different level, one that I still find to be an interesting strategy…


Branding the Purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes


makeitseven.caAs the sports news and blogs light up with Jim Balsillie’s offer to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes on condition of the ability to move the team to “southern Ontario”, I want to focus on the accompanying website,

The idea behind is rooted far more in PR than social media, but one can only wonder if the Make It Seven Facebook Page is far behind – or if @makeitseven is already snapped up on Twitter (at the time of writing, neither was).

What is essentially doing, is building a brand around the purchase attempt. This is being positioned as something “for” Canada, for hockey fans, for the good of us all. I have “signed up” and am looking forward to seing exactly what will come my way via email from the Balsillie camp.

While I am certain there are countless opinions on whether or not this deal makes sense, or the conditions of the agreement are valid (let alone legal), what I am looking for here is the branding element of this story.

What do you think about the idea of branding this potential sale as it is?