Walking Meetings


For the next meeting you hold – make it a walking meeting.

Walking meetings are exactly that – instead of sitting in an office or boardroom, get out of the building and hold your discussion as you walk around the immediate neighborhood. Spend the last 5 minutes back in the office – make the notes or take-away/action items required and get on with your day(s).

When weather isn’t on your side, try to get around your office or building space – anywhere that’s different from the normal workplace. Of course, it’s pretty hard to pull off a powerpoint this way, or a formal presentation, but you can incorporate a “walking time” into the meeting somewhere. Don’t be limited by “what we always do”.

I’ve found a lot of success with walking meetings – they get you and people up and get them moving and that gets them energized and thinking differently. Essestially, when you work in an office, you’re pretty much working like a Trucker – lots of sitting and staring. I’m sure you’ve all seen different management techniques for motivationg people – but what could be easier than a walking meeting to leverage the excercise and different pace (pun intended)? We’ve come up with some good ideas on walking meetings that I feed wouldn’t have come from the boardroom in the past.

LIke I said, it doesn’t work for every situation, but try to hold some walking meetings this week and take note of how they differ from traditional meetings. I’m sure you’ll find they bring something new and dynamic to your discussions.