Turns to Social Media


MakeItSeven LogoAs I thought, it didn’t take long for the campaign to ratchet up social media engagement.

For those who read my original post and follow up post may recall my analysis was that this was essentially a branding attempt. Some people challenged me on that idea – but the most recent development re-enforces my assessment.

Here’s a breakdown:

What I am most suprised about is that MakeItSeven has corporate sponsors – I think it is a bold move for these brands to align themselves with this undertaking.

If anyone doubted this was a brand in development, it is very clear now that this was the intent from the start. How this will play out in the media, let alone bankruptcy court remains to be seen.

Click here to see what looks like now…


Branding the Purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes: PART 2


Five For HowlingIt didn’t take long.

In response to the MakeItSeven website – or what I’ve called the branding of this purchase attempt, there is a t-shirt that positions against the brand called “Keep it Six”.

I think the interesting point here is that the PR battle hinges on the number of NHL franchises in Canada – but the issue is clearly elsewhere. The Coyotes are bankrupt – plain and simple. The brand has taken the issue to a different level, one that I still find to be an interesting strategy…