Social Media – Why Does it Matter to Business?


There’s a lot of reasons, but let’s focus on demographics in this post. Maybe you’re a skeptic – maybe you think that social media is something you don’t have time for. Consider the following…

Generation Y (those born between 1977 and 1994) is entering the work force now, and by 2012 will have filled the 18-34 age demographic. As the largest generation since the baby boomers, they are an educated, diverse group who are very comfortable with technology. They are the driving force behind social media today – and this will continue as they become the work force of the world, manage and direct the companies of tomorrow.

Since they (Generation Y) are already there (i.e. driving social media), now is the time for companies to reinforce brand and engage with this audience now.

The world they know has always had the internet – it’s not new for them, and they spend a lot of time there for entertainment and communication. Increasingly and inevitably GenY will continue incorporate social media and collaborative networks, media and applications for business.

As the Boomer generation works longer, and either chooses not to retire or is unable to retire until later in life, there will be an increasingly large generational and paradigm/thinking gap. The generation stuck in between, GenX (my generation) is 3 times as small as GenY and almost 4 times smaller than the Boomers. As GenX moves up the ranks, a number of GenY’ers will come with them to fill that gap. Therefore, now is the time to fully embrace new media and start engaging your brand.

How B2B marketers can begin to leverage social media from a predominately B2C approach and niche remains to be seen – and remains to be envisioned, built and refined.

Wanna help me do it?