Meerkat: Are its 15 minutes up or is this just the beginning?


meerkatI spent the last few days following tweets and content from #SXSW. Lots of good stuff.

There was one big thing happening at “South By” (shortened from South By South West, so its cooler) and that was Meerkat.

Despite the fact that Meerkat has been making waves in the digital and social community for weeks now, the kicker was Twitter killing the app’s access just prior to the SXSW festival getting underway. And if there was one lesson that we have ever learned from pop culture – banning something only makes it cooler.

I can’t tell you how many Meerkats I saw being tweeted – on the spot interviews, photos of people holding a Meerkat broadcast, Meerkats of presentations, Meerkats of concerts… There were Meerkats every where, like an Animal Planet marathon.

Will Meerkat “survive” without Twitter? We’ll see: here’s a post form Yahoo! Tech about it. I’m not into guesses.

One thing I will say – Live video via social is on trend. Big time. Whether it’s Facebook’s March Madness event Twitter’s acquisition of Periscope, or Meerkat, look for live video on your social channels today.


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