Tips on Infographics as Sponsorship Activation


Infographics are all the rage these days, there’s nothing new about that.

Why? They are a great way to convey stats and information in a dynamic and engaging manner. Sports teams are always looking at new and innovative ways to activate their sponsorships – especially with digital assets – and I firmly believe they should look at how an infographic could be a solid choice.

Here’s why and a few tips:

  • Infographics work well on a mobile device
  • They are easy to share
  • Look for a place of cross-over between the team and the sponsor; focus on that
  • Aim to make the content fun, something people will want to share
  • Set expectations on the short-term
  • Integrate infographics into existing activations/promotions

There’s a number of companies who can provide the research and graphical development, and prices are set accordingly. If this is something you’re thinking about implementing, contact me, as I have a referral for you.


2 thoughts on “Tips on Infographics as Sponsorship Activation

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