Innovation: Focus On What Makes You Different


DifferentBack in the day, I went to art school.

I was thrilled to get in and immersed myself in just about everything except painting, which I hated. At that time, the early 1990’s, Photoshop was becoming a real thing. I was also really interested in (very dense) art theory and conceptual art.  Over the years, I produced work and was in the occasional show around town.

Through it all, I always had an eye and interest on a number of arts and artists that were unabashedly commercial. A lot of my ideas were rooted in media, and I struggled with this through most of my time in art school, struggling to produce “real” art. I’d always had a creative bend, but the ideas and work I was most interested in doing was definitely more commercial – that’s at least the way I see it now.

When I look back on those experiences, I see them far more in line with the kind of work I do now – and that’s really what this post is about. Invest in your passions.

Don’t try to conform your ideas, run with them and shape  your own voice and identity. It’s one thing to be inspired, but there comes a time to shed those inspirations and make your own path. We need more uniqueness in world of digital and social marketing. Ideas are everything, and I’ll take new ideas over new technology any day of the week.

Take ideas and models that have been successful – Take them, break them and make them your own.

The best way to stand out – for your personal brand, or your business brand – is to be different. Don’t try to fit in, focus on what makes you different. Dare to try, and you’ll be called an innovator.


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