What’s Up With Vine?



Vine is a mobile app that provides creation and sharing of 6 seconds of video. Sounds cool, but wait – isn’t that what Tout is (does)?

Yes, kind of… But here’s what is different and potentially, exciting.

Tout is a mobile app that offers 15 seconds of video to create/share. The great thing about Vine is that it’s integrated into Twitter, so the sharing gets pretty easy. Vine offers some cool creation features as well – users record their video by touching and holding on the screen, so multiple “shots” are possible within those 6 seconds.

Vine’s social network aspects are clean and simple to use, a lot like Instagram’s. But it’s the Twitter integration that gives Vine a leg up. Twitter bought Vine back in October, so even though its a separate app, it’s still Twitter at the helm. Vine uses existing Twitter profiles as well.

There are obvious parallels here between Facebook/Instagram and Twitter/Vine. Video sharing has a lot of potential, and Vine is well positioned to capitalize on this. Considering recent Instagram frustrations and privacy/content issues, users may be quick to adopt the new Vine platform. I’ve been playing with it for a day now and it’s interesting to see how people are experimenting with it.

Should brands start using it? Too early to tell, but so far – I’m pretty bullish on Vine. I think there are great possibilities here! Tout never really took hold; whether thats because micro-video sharing isn’t what people want, or if the platform was lacking, I can’t say – but we’re about to find out. Keep an eye for now, but if you have the bandwidth, decent social populations (especially on Twitter), I’d be looking at getting Vine into the mix.


One thought on “What’s Up With Vine?

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