2013 Predictions and Foresight


ImageLet’s get right to it!

There is 1 theme I think everyone should take to heart in 2013 – position your website as your digital hub and view social as less of a destination.

Here’s what I mean:

You don’t own social. I’ve said that before – in the context that it’s your community that owns it as social is “their” space, but I mean something more factual than that in this case. You really don’t own your Facebook page, Twitter, you name it – that content is hosted on servers that you don’t own. You don’t own those platforms. Period.

Social has always been a rapidly changing landscape. Facebook changed its design many times and changed policies along with it. The recent Instagram flap was another reminder that these spaces are not yours, but they are businesses in their own rights with agendas of their own design.

Considering all that – why would you make your Facebook page your prime destination? Many brands do this – but I think this is mistake. Drive users to your website. Social is still very important – but it shouldn’t be your destination.

So – you should probably have a good website!

Ok, time for some predictions:

Last year I predicted that Google Plus was here to stay. I’ll still hold to this as Facebook is doing a great job of self immolation. I also predicted that RIM would have a bounce-back year. With Blackberry 10 pushed until mid Q1, 2013 – the jury is still out. And I was 1 for 4 on my sports picks.

#1) Apple begins to rot. I love Apple products. I did as a kid and still do today. But the iOS6 maps product was a massive fail. Releasing an iPad4 within 6 months of iPad3 irked many (like me). iPad Mini comes out without retina display – we all know what’s coming next, so why buy one until a screen standard across other devices is implemented. Androids already feature bigger screens in HD. The luster is off the Apple and it will get worse. Plus – their ads are increasingly lame.

2) Twitter Dominates. Yes, Facebook has about 1 billion users. But Twitter is more a part of mass media than any other social platform. Whether its sports, politics or news – Twitter is front and centre and this will only get stronger. While some #’s are still juvenile at best – Twitter is increasingly the go-to source for what’s happening both locally and internationally.

3) 2013 Sports Picks

  • Superbowl: Baltimore Ravens
  • Stanley Cup: Tampa Bay Lightning
  • NBA: OKC
  • World Series: Washington Nationals

What do you think? Call me out on my picks – my predictions and my advice!

Best to you in 2013!


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