Re-branding a Sports Team: New Orleans Pelicans and Other Crazy Ideas


Pelicans LogoOk, well – it’s not crazy, actually. Here’s my thoughts on the NBA’s New Orleans Hornets changing their name to the Pelicans next season.

What do you think of when you think of what the NBA stands for? Cool, hip, digital/social media, wicked dunks, cool shoes, big personalities may come to mind – not really in line with… Pelicans.

Turns out there is some local history there – the Pelican is the State bird of Louisiana for one thing. And, back in the day, there was a minor league baseball team from the 1880’s-1950’s called the Pelicans that Played at Pelican stadium.

But what’s wrong with the Hornets you might be thinking? Is it that bad? I mean they’ve been the Hornets for 10 years in New Orleans! True, but they were also in Oklahoma for a while post Katrina. Before that – they were in Charlotte for about 10 years, not a huge amount of time. So they’ve been around the block so to speak.

Apparently – this is a done deal. And the Pelicans will fly again in 2013/14.

It’s been a bit controversial as the name Pelicans is not really cool. But let’s consider some other “cool” franchise names and ones that did or did not change names when they relocated.

Raptors, Jazz and Lakers

Here’s a “cool” NBA team name – the Raptors. Well, cool in 1992 at least. The Raptors (short for velociraptor, the term “raptor” is simply a bird of prey) came to be along the rise of Jurassic Park at a time when the NBA was as cool as cool could be. Now, it seems completely dated to many. Recent archeological discoveries also indicate that velociraptor had feathers back in the day – deadly, yes – but much more muppet like than lizard.

Other NBA teams have relocated. Is it just me, or does the State of Utah just scream “Jazz” to you? Of course not – so guess where they came from? Yes, New Orleans, of course – but they only played there for about 5 years in the 1970’s.  However, changing the team name from “Jazz” now seems pretty absurd (success will do that).

Perhaps the most famous “what’s up with that?” name in the NBA is the Lakers. Now synonymous with Los Angeles, they were originally from Minnesota where they won 5 championships before moving to LA in 1960. There’s a lot of lakes in Minnesota (the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”), but I wouldn’t consider LA to be lake country.

The Lakers have an estimated franchise value of $900M – Tops in the NBA. Changing the name of the Lakers is actually a crazy idea. No one would EVER consider renaming them to something more connected to the city like, oh say… Pelicans. Or Golden Seals (don’t get me started). But is franchise value really a factor in New Orleans? Not the way I see it – I think they can literally “afford” to re-brand the team.

What do you think? Are you down with the Pelicans?


131 thoughts on “Re-branding a Sports Team: New Orleans Pelicans and Other Crazy Ideas

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Pocketbook advanced multi-less “in the face of a complex situation, the Ministry of Finance said that this year will be very difficult fiscal year, which stems from the” less purse yard into a multi- Treasury analysis, structural tax cuts, foreign trade enterprise efficiency and other factors will affect the financial income, rural issues, education, science and technology, social security,abercrombie france, health expenditure base, it is difficult to reduce. At the same time, the post-disaster restoration and reconstruction, the new agricultural insurance pilot medical reform needs huge investments. In addition, the disposable income of the year the central government to increase less central fiscal expenditure plans an increase of 6.3% over last year, the major expenditures compared to last year’s budget have significantly reduced, such as education spending this year, an increase of 9% last year, an increase of nearly 24% of the budget, other large items, such as technology, health care, social security and employment,hollister, housing security, agriculture,hollister france, forestry and water affairs increase did not exceed 9%, culture, sports and media, transportation, resource exploration and the power of information and other expenses also declined. However, growth is still faster the Homeland meteorological, environmental, business services, such as an increase of more than 20%. Xie reiterates commitment to public draft of the budget, will actively promote the budget open to Amplify the public budget, and consciously accept social supervision. Finance Minister Xie Xuren yesterday to participate in the Shanxi delegation of group discussions, is cautious in answering reporters’ questions about budget issues, he has not been assessed, saying only that “our budget is public. As to whether the Treasury will push the next step is more detailed and transparent public budget, Xie did not answer. [“Balance of payments” Details] 202.7% of affordable housing expenditures in 2009 of 55.056 billion yuan, 111.7% of the budgeted figure and an increase of 36.866 billion yuan, an increase of 202.7%, higher than budget mainly to increase support for the construction of affordable housing. 202.1% 2009 securities transaction stamp tax income of 49.504 billion yuan, 202.1% of the budget, a decrease of 47.9%, exceeding the budget is expected to increase the number of stock trading than. 85.3% of 2009 domestic consumption tax income of 475.912 billion yuan, 107.3% of the budgeted figure and an increase of 85,abercrombie paris.3% overcharges than the budget execution raise cigarette consumption tax rate increases revenue. 49.5% of health expenditures in 2009 was 127.714 billion yuan, 108.2% of the budgeted figure and an increase of 42.269 billion yuan, an increase of 49.5% over budget to increase primary care health expenditure. Public safety spending 47.5% in 2009 was 128.745 billion yuan,hollister uk, 110.9% of the budget, an increase of 41.441 billion yuan,mulberry outlet, an increase of 47.5% over budget increase of Political equipment and funding for casework. 【Look old account Guangzhou budget public only “half the account” October 16, 2009, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Finance to make the pieces of ice-breaking move — should public budgets observe volunteers “Lide Tao of application from the Municipal The General Office of the Food Safety and Inspection paste all 114 departments in the city budget to the government website for the community to enjoy browsing, free download. This is the second to Shenzhen in 2008 according to the citizens to apply to individual citizens publicly municipal department budget,abercrombie paris, to become China’s first city to the citizens open budget report after another attempt to “eat crab” city. The online public, involving more than 20 billion yuan of financial funds. However, for the public is very concerned about the public funds to entertain, Bus consumption and abroad at public expense “Three” the consumption in budget expenditures not found traces. In addition, the controversy there is, the various departments in the allocation of funds not exhaustive, complete lack of quantitative indicators. The budget openly into law budget law the revised draft will be submitted for deliberation (Reporter Yang Huayun) the budget public lack of clear provisions of the law is expected to change this year, will be held this year, the NPC Standing Committee, the revised draft budget law will require ” budget open. ” National People’s Congress, vice chairman of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress budget committee, director of high-strength interview yesterday revealed the content. Gao Qiang said in his post NPC inaugural ago, “back to the line of work to do”. His career, most of the time in dealing with the budget, the former Ministry of Finance, Budget Division, Vice Minister of the duties now with the budget is closely related to — is the Financial and Economic Committee of the NPC and the direct supervision of budget work specific work by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress budget working committee responsible for budget amendment to the Law also budget working committee and the Ministry of Finance, the National Audit Office and other departments to participate. Gao Qiang told reporters, the revised draft of the budget law principles provide “open budget”, but does not make specific provisions for the work by the budget law for the future implementation of the regulations, and other administrative regulations to solve. It is understood that the amendments to the budget law has been included in the current five-year legislative plan of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the budget and audit reports in recent years have raised the hope to speed up the amendments to the budget law. “Some things are not reluctant to open the budget committee, director Gao Qiang said that the defective design of the budget items WASHINGTON Yesterday, the hot topic for the public budget and budgeting reform, the National People’s Congress, vice chairman of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, the National People’s Congress the Standing Committee of the budget committee, director of high strength to accept an interview. Beijing News: Recently, the loud voice of the public on the public sector budget. Gao Qiang: departmental budgets should be made public, but really open you can not read — or not specific enough, the key is the design of the budget accounts. The budget law will not require subjects design is so fine, by the Ministry of Finance to the specific design. Beijing News: Guangzhou last year, public sector budget, triggered a public discussion,abercrombie pas cher, how do you think High strength: (laughs) disclosed that it is not something not out of it The key question not see ah! Actually this is not a public disclosure, but the budget itself is imperfect, he would like to open are open not. Something he publicly and then you want to know something is not on top, you want to know things, where the edge is not he intentionally concealed and do not want to open, there are tricky, not these questions is fine less than less specific. Beijing News: Why Gao Qiang: budget accounts now have a lot of problems, such as the past two years increased investment, but the subject to see what investment growth in which it Even though so many table, not out, subjects where there is no infrastructure spending subjects that I (Ministry of Finance) when there are change did not not see out. Beijing News: Everyone wants to look at the “Three” consumption of government departments,abercrombie pas cher. Gao Qiang: people are concerned about government spending, official expenses. “Three” consumer you do not, why The budget is classified by function, such as education, health and other classification. Education,abercrombie france, including administrative expenses, and any expenditures for education Dounong inside, including administrative officials, teachers, schools and on the inside, from the public point of view, I hope can see clearly, so the budget to refine. Beijing News: technically not class it Gao Qiang: statistics now inseparable, because statistics statistics by subjects, from the most basic level, a level to be reported. According to the provisions of the subjects you how requirements I reported how, so that the underlying data is there, but it was reported from various units, if you explicitly changed, he reported. But if listed separately, with the budget system is not the same. I (Ministry of Finance), the subjects have diplomatic expenses, and now find the diplomatic expenses not find the various departments are involved in various subjects to foreign affairs activities, education, science and technology, culture, health, agriculture, who has a foreign affairs subjects , there are mingled. This is not science. So to slowly improve. Beijing News: promote budgeting reforms, the National People’s Congress will do Gao Qiang: advice, upon request, to discuss with slowly clear. Anyway, since you want to open, it should concern everyone, and make it clear to everyone, otherwise, it does not make sense. You open the thing, I do not care, I care about the things you do not, you are not satisfied with it! The Nanchang budget public learn from Guangzhou (Reporter Avoiding) for the Guangzhou Public Sector budget practices, the National People’s Congress, Nanchang Hu Xian, said he has taken note of the Guangzhou Public detailed budget news online. Hu Xian, the city government financial sector budget in the National People’s Congress, made public, but also try not hanging on the line. He said, to see that the Guangzhou public, they also do the discussions concerned about this matter, Li several departments have decided to set up a joint investigation team to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to inspect learn. “Work has already arranged to go on,air jordan pas cher.” Hu Xian,toms outlet, Guangzhou budget public attitude is commendable, “eventually must come this far, this is a trend”. In addition, the National People’s Congress, Jiangxi long Wu-hsiung yesterday said that Jiangxi Province has also been budget public plan. Disclose details of the schedule is still under study, open channels in Jiangxi Province Government website. Ningxia budget into a book (Reporter Wu Peng) access at any time this year the two sessions on the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region,louboutin pas cher, the autonomous regional people’s congress deputies have to get a copy of Ningxia fiscal 2010 “thick booklet. There is not only autonomous regions financial report data, we also have the budgets of government departments. Yesterday, in response to a newspaper publicly situation “on the local government budget problems, the National People’s Congress, the financial department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Wang and Shan, said the past Ningxia livelihood program announced through the press, including financial, how protection, the money raised from which channels come this year released a report, the financial report related data, including livelihood projects, and even the contents of the budget of the government departments, stapled into a book called “Ningxia fiscal 2010 “booklet,” The content is much larger than the original amount. “booklet at any time by representatives access to livelihood projects and major projects will be the public comments. 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