Why Your Facebook Stats Plummeted and What To Do About It


You probably noticed that your Facebook stats completely nose-dived.

What happened? Well, get used to it – or get your wallet out.

Facebook has a track record of constant change. It used to make people upset, but we’re all pretty used to that now. It’s a small price to pay for a (free) global engagement platform that your brand uses to connect with thousands (or millions) of people every day. Now, you’ll literally be paying a small price if you’d like to keep your stats up with what you’ve been accustomed to.

With a change to its algorithm, Facebook has limited the reach of your brand’s page. The end goal here is getting to a Newsfeed ratio of 20% paid posts and 80%”organic” (regular) posts. Your brand has, and likely will see a 5%-40% drop in engagement from reports I’ve seen.

Why would Facebook do this? They’ve made no public comment about this (nothing new), but here’s a hint… Facebook’s stock price. Facebook wants to make more money. Check that – it used to be the case, now – with shareholders – Facebook needs to make more money.

So what are you going to do about this?

1) Create posts that are more engaging. No more text only posts. Produce posts with photos or videos that drive interaction in order to increase the chances of your organic appearance in the Newsfeed.

2) Pay for it. How much? Well, that depends on how many people you are trying reach. Get ready – if you have 150,000 Likes = $300. Over 500,000 Likes? Try $1,000.

What do I recommend?

  • Stick with #1 – make your posts count
  • Reset your bar for engagement stats
  • If you haven’t started a Google+ page, now’s a good time

Straight up – things have gone from bad to worse with Facebook. It still matters, a lot – but if Facebook takes up 50% or more of your social marketing focus, you need to diversify. Now.

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