No More Tweet-Ups, Please



Many sports teams have held “Social Media Nights” over the past few years, but I recommend that you drop that strategy.

The idea for this post came about during the #SMSportsChat on Twitter last week – where a few people involved and interested in the social media aspect of sports marketing discuss ideas.

While there was a time when Twitter was new, that’s going to back to 2008/09 now. When we first saw the advent of Tweet-Ups, it made a lot of sense. But Twitter has come a long way since then and so have the fans (and players, leagues, etc…).

I recall a conversation I had with a client in 2009, when they figured their Twitter population would “matter” as a digital asset once it hit around 5000. Today, they are in solid 6 figure follower territory.

Having a theme night is a great way to drive some awareness, but focusing theme nights on your social media channels as the core of this is now passe. Furthermore, I think it can help undervalue your brand to a degree in looking dated and more importantly, undermine your social media marketing efforts.

Social marketing should be a part of the daily process of marketing your team. Your fans will be tweeting about your product at the game, from home or wherever they are. The role of social marketers for teams now is not to entice their market to tweet – but to integrate that into their process. Your fans can be your greatest marketing engine if you are prepared to leverage them.


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