Technology is (Barely) Half of What You Need


When it comes to being innovative, don’t look to technology.

All the greatest tools and gadgets can make things easier of course, but what it really takes is good ideas. And I feel the best ideas don’t come in isolation but from teams and groups. So the most important resource you need is people – Hands down.

Good teams can be built and they don’t just happen on their own. Teams shouldn’t be a by-product of company culture, but are what helps to produce the company culture itself. Good teams require the space (literally and conceptually) to become effective and produce results. The focus of building teams is the process to getting the ideas. Organizations need to create environments for ideas to take shape, get refined and move ahead.

And that is the key point – ideas aren’t worth much until they are turned into actions. Focus on creating teams that can function as idea generators, and then manage the process of having the ideas turned into actions and execution. Your digital execution is the technology – and we have come full circle


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