Rethinking Email as a Mobile Strategy


How many emails do you receive on your mobile device vs a computer these days?

When you think about it, email should be part of a mobile strategy in that regard – and that’s a shift for many organizations.

So if you’re in line with that, you need to ensure that your emails are technically sound and optimized for mobile viewing. Here’s 12 tips for that, and 6 design tips to keep in mind, and here’s a post with some estimates on %’s on just how many people are viewing your emails on a handheld – and it could be as much as half (!).

Poor ol’ email, way less sexy than social media marketing – it seems so 90’s now but without the retro-cool factor. Before Twitter, it was email that made the @ cool. And email is where emoticons really got their feet on the ground. But no one remembers that 😦

With the rise of social media and SMS/BBM, Twitter DMs, many attempted to predict that email would die. Not so, and certainly not yet. Email continues to be of high importance as a digital asset – in fact, depending on your brand and your market, it might be your most important.

Don’t make “email too” your strategy – make sure that you have a plan, and ensure that your emails look as good as possible on a mobile device.


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