15 Fan Engagement Ideas


Here’s 10 ideas to engage fans – take ’em, break ’em and make ’em your own:


  1. Complete the sentence: @PlayerOnTwitter hits like a _______ !
    • Swap players in and out, use other attributes as well…
    • Use #’s to measure and track, also for trending purposes
    • RT what fans push out… show em you are listening
  2. Ok fans, let’s get it trending… RT #GoYourTeamGo!
    • Use other #’s depending on the game situation
      • Use humor, be fun
  3. Fans – send us  a pic or tweet in your @Team gear
  4. Who will score the 1st #YourTeam goal tonight?
  5. RT @SomeFan: What a wicked play!
    • RT what fans are tweeting for key moments in games
    • Use them for game updates – don’t have to come up with them all
  6. Hey fans – send a tweet to our opponent tonight, let @otherteam know we’re ready for ’em!
  7. If there’s 1 thing that makes #YourTeam fans the best, its _________
  8. #YourTeam fans – what’s your pre-game ritual?
  9. Where are you watching from tonight #YourTeam fans? Let us know…


  1. Post a pic from featuring action from the next opponent: Ok fans – write a caption for this photo
  2. Do a fan poll once per week as a standard engagement practice
    • Why not look for a sponsor for this?
  3. Ask for pics from fans decked out in their team gear
  4. Scan for fan questions – answer them/direct them to the right email or phone #
  5. Thank fans for uploading their photos
  6. Comment on their status updates/posts

12 thoughts on “15 Fan Engagement Ideas

  1. Catching some of the key oversights, yet so simple, often not seen in social media: show you LISTEN; if you ask a question, share the answers!

    Fans want to feel personally invested, so give them a chance to be part of the game, the organization, the larger community — designing a logo, picking a merchandise item to be discounted, facilitate fans leading conversation and meeting each other, pick music in-arena, pick 3 stars, so much more….Ever out of ideas? The fans are full of them!

    I’ve been pondering polls forever; mutually beneficial — learn about fans [better marketing, better partners], fans get better product offerings [pizza instead of burgers, weekend game plans instead of plans based on opponent, this shirt or that one to be a contest prize- product exposure 🙂 – love it!

    Quick additions — exhort fans to ‘tag’ their friends. If I win to tickets to the @team game, I’m taking @friend with me [for Twitter or FB]; spread the word! Also, attract new users by showcasing that you’re listening: show fan-submitted comments or pics in game programs or in-game screens, fan-created game headlines/analysis, social media sections or post/pre game events, personalized/exclusive merchandise created by fans [i.e. shirt with a team-related hashtag that grew organically marketed to followers/fans].

    Could have a few hours of chat on this. Fun subject…makes social media fun!

    Of course, the caveat — amplify the voice of the fan at your own risk and/or discretion, every game has a winner and a loser and fans live in the moment; you may not want a fan-generated headline after a lopsided loss, so don’t make promises you can’t keep.

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