Measuirng Sports Team Social Influence


Have a look at the following links.

I’ve listed these rankings based on Klout – which has gotten a lot of pub recently in changing its influence algorithms.  In general, many people have an issue with Klout in terms of exactly what and how it measures, but it is a data point to take note of. I suggest you have a look at how I’ve positioned them, and then play around with the different ranking categories available.

First – the 4 major North American Leagues…

And then have a look at global sports brands and teams.

It’s a pretty interesting site to play with. It’s obvious that total populations do not equal influence – but what might not be so obvious is what the benefits of influence are. Channeling and motivating that influence – beyond loyalty and the often overused term of “engagement” – is what social marketing is all about.

What do you think about what you see here? Does Klout matter – and regardless of the measurement tool, what is your position on Influence that drives the $?


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