Should Your Sports Brand be on Google+?


The short and honest answer is  “Probably”.

The long answer is a set of questions/thinking designed to get you to “Yes”. Here’s how I see it:

First things first – The Brand profile (called “Entities”) for G+ has not been openly released yet so we don’t know what the Brand experience entails. It’s tough to say how much this will matter to teams in the NHL, NFL, and NBA (should there be a 2011/12 season). MLB will have the luxury of seeing how other leagues and teams tackle Google+ first.

At the very least, G+ matters because of it’s size – 3 weeks after launch, it reached 20M+ users. It took Facebook and Twitter well over 700 days to do that (more details by clicking here); therefore, your fans are already there – they are likely eager to see what kinds of things you have in store on G+ for them. I’d think the path forward would entail a pretty rapid uptake on most sports brands in terms of  “Fans, Followers or Likers”. This brings another question – is this a redundant market? Are these your same fans from Facebook? Hmm – probably a lot of them… so what does that mean?

  • Do you have resources/bandwidth available to take on the task?
  • Do you have a strong presence in other social media platforms?
  • Can you provide original content to make the experience worthwhile?
  • Can you determine what Google+ does for you that Facebook doesn’t?
  • Do you want to be viewed as “innovative” or are you really innovative?

What do you think? Is Google+ on your agenda?

It should be, even if you don’t intend to be there – you need to determine exactly what you are passing up.

P.S. Here is my G+ profile.


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