Twitter Matters More (…and More)


Twitter used to be a distant second to Facebook not very long ago as far as social media platforms go.

Most teams have a “twitter too” policy, and some have only recently launched a presence there after a few years of activity on Facebook. Yesterday’s announcement regarding a deeper integration of Twitter with the new Apple iOS5 merits a closer look at just where Twitter is at.

Twitter is perfect for mobile – and mobile is simply where the internet is going (Ha!). Apple’s adoption of Twitter makes a difference – and it will drive new users. This adds to the 200M+ users (that’s over 65M tweets a day) – these are serious numbers.  Arenas are getting increasingly wired to accommodate mobile use, and there are vast numbers of fans tweeting during games on their smart phones.

Twitter also launched a new “Follow button” which simplifies the follow process – much like a FB “Like” button, increasing the social aspect of the web.

Lastly, players and athletes are prominent Twitter users. When’s the last time you saw a player send a message on Facebook that was quoted on Sports Center? Twitter is the platform of choice, for sure. Expect to see more of this, and as player accounts draw considerable attention, I expect to see teams interacting more and more with players moving forward. Don’t believe me? Check out the UFC’s Twitter policy for bonuses.

So a word to sports teams – invest in Twitter. In fact, make Twitter a priority. It already is for your fans and your players.


One thought on “Twitter Matters More (…and More)

  1. Great insights here Carson, definitely a powerful medium to broadcast and interact directly with your fans. Would also point out that social search is MASSIVE and currently Twitter is racking up 1.6 billion queries per day. So if you’re interested in being found, might be worth pumping out good content through Twitter, which could also land you on the front page of Google!

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