Social Populations and Digital Asset Strategies


It had to happen sooner or later.

We’re starting to see the growth begin to slow down for Facebook. Mind you, it’s still growing – but not at the double-digit increases we were getting used to seeing. Suffice to say, everyone’s heard of Facebook pretty much by now. And those who do not have a profile simply choose not to.

Time may convert those users over, and I’m certain that the platform will continue to grow. But I want to locate the topic of this post on fan populations of sports teams on Facebook.

When will we see these begin to top out and level off? A few things need to be considered:

Is Your Sports Brand Maximizing its Reach?

Is your team still gaining fans that are already on Facebook? Is your team new or in a new market? Have you only recently put a focus on driving social media marketing? These are all factors that contribute to how your social populations are growing.

How Do Your Social Stats Compare to Your Web Stats?

Do you have more fans on your Facebook page or on your website? Is either one properly monetized to take advantage of that? Do you like what you see or want to change it?

What is Your Digital Asset Mix and Strategy?

What is at the core of your digital assets? Where are your driving people from or to? Where are they going now? How can you influence or change their behaviour? What is your content management strategy to use each of these platforms to your advantage? Do you have internal resources to handle these priorities?

These are all important question to ask and plan around. It’s no small task – and this space is fraught with change and adaptation. This is a big part of what I do and every project is different.


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