New Facebook Pages: Photo Strategies


Facebook will force the upgrade to all pages on March 10 – so if you haven’t taken the preview, or chosen to upgrade yet… it’s time.

As the new pages format has been around for a while now, I’ve got some tips and tricks to share:


Photo placement is now very strategic – just below the Page name/title. FB randomly changes the order of the photos – which I think is frustrating as this is not consistent with the photo order for Profiles. With a profile, you can use a banner approach – split an image across 5 photos; however, Pages will not allow you to anchor photos in the same way… except one…

  • You can anchor a photo on the far left side by tagging it. Simply select the photo you want to anchor the left side, and tag it as the name of the page. After that – FB will randomly change the order of the other photos except the far left one. There are apps that claim to provide banners for pages, but they do not work – even if you sign into FB as your Page. Frustrating, let’s hope this changes soon.

In living with the left anchor limitation, there are still options – this is about being creative, so lets work with what we’ve got!

  • Consider a “collage” approach… you can add 5 photo “elements” that can enhance your page and brand as long as you keep them as 96 x 85 pixels squares.
  • Are there 3 to 5 individual messages that support your brand? Each box can have a similar design look and feel – just as long as order is not important.
  • Be  sure to keep the images consistent with your profile pic, website and twitter background – Digital consistency is key. This is an opportunity to make FB look more like “you” and differentiate from other teams and pages.

Be ready to stay on top of this in your daily community management process – should someone tag you (i.e. the name of your Page) in a photo, it could end up here… but this is unlikely for sports teams to have happen. Regardless, keep an eye out for what is in the photo section daily and remember – ANY photos you upload will go here… you can X out what you don’t want to appear, so be ready to do this if/when you upload any photos to FB that you do not want as part of your photo branding strategy.

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