Drill Down: Social Media Solution Selling


I’m all for short, sharp, blog posts. I touched on some big issues in my last post, and some of the bullets need to be drilled down.

Probably the most important aspect of social sales is determining what the goals of the sponsor/partner are. There are several variables involved and a number of factors to consider. For example…

Does the sponsor have an existing social presence?

What is their strategy? Do they even have one? Is the existing focus on customer service, or loyalty, or engagement? Something else? Do you they look to you for thought leadership? Are they in social because they feel they need to be or because it’s part of their marketing mix? What is the size of their current social population? What platforms do they use (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc…)? What kinds of resources are responsible for running/administering their social media activities? How does social fit into the rest of the organization?

What are the goals of the social sponsorship?

What will make the promotion successful for the sponsor? To grow their friends/followers? Drive traffic to their website? Awareness of new products/services? Launch a social media campaign? Brand/team alignment? Track the promotion via key words or coupons? Is the social component tied to existing activations? How long should it run for? What sorts of initiatives have they done in the social space before and what were the outcomes?

These are all important considerations and “must ask” questions required to build successful deals. Again, these aren’t rate card/commodity sales – they are solutions.

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3 thoughts on “Drill Down: Social Media Solution Selling

  1. It constantly astounds me how much Social Media websites has an impact on the volume of traffic that you can get when done correctly

    Keep up the great work,


  2. It always astounds me how much Social Media sites has an impact on the amount of traffic that you can get when done correctly

    Keep up the great work,


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