Twitter Trending and Hashtag Tips


Every team out there has a Twitter account now so I wanted to focus on a Twitter tool that you might not be aware of: Trending.

If you look at the bottom of the right side rail, you’ll see a list of Trending topics. These are the words/terms/phrases that are being mentioned the most on Twitter right now. Many of them are probably hashtags (#) at any given time. You can customize your trending location – although the geographic choices are a bit weak right now, by clicking “Change” and selecting new geographic criteria.

Now you can monitor your mentions on Twitter.

# Hashtags

So now that you have the visibility of trending topics, you need to be in the mix. This brings about an important point and marketing use of Twitter… # (hashtags).

You can simply wait for users/fans to create their own (and they will) or you can start to position them into the Twitter stream yourself. Most often, you will see a #”yourteam” mention, for example:

“I can’t wait for the #yourteam game tonight!”

But consider the following examples and ideas for #’s (for things in quotes, insert your own brand):

  • #nfldraftday
  • #stanleycup
  • #tradedeadline
  • #shutout
  • #”team”contest
  • #”player”
  • #distinctkickingmotion
  • #nohitter
  • #firstpickoverall
  • #justaboutanythingtocreateabuzz

Using hashtags gives your fans something to focus on and makes things easily identifiable. Start inserting them into your tweets and build some trending topics. When provided with the opportunity, run with it as a hashtag on Twitter to make the most of the event.

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Got some other ideas for #’s? Let me know…

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