7 Tips for Social Media ROI


Where is the ROI from social media? From a sports marketing perspective – here is where you find the money:

  1. Grow your Fan and Follower populations – more eyeballs, more traffic to drive back to your website
    • Bigger pops allows you to sell the social space itself too (see #2)
  2. Custom tabs on Facebook: You can build and sell these spaces to sponsors
  3. Sponsored contests for engagement
    • Don’t just drop sponsored links, give fans a reason to click
  4. Sell your Twitter background space
  5. Get a sponsor for your Facebook page
  6. Engage with sponsors on Facebook and Twitter
    • As part of a marketing strategy, brand synergy is important
  7. Sponsored player Twitter account

7 tips to get your social media strategy integrated into your marketing mix and draw an ROI as well.

Have you tried any of these?


2 thoughts on “7 Tips for Social Media ROI

  1. Thanks for this article! Our firm has been trying to improve our fan base on our facebook business page. We have a twitter with about 380 followers which we just set up about 3 months ago. I don’t think that’s bad but I know we can do better. I would like to let you know how things go. Thanks again regards

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