Linkedin and Selling the Social Space


As sales teams look to incorporate social media space into their inventory, I think its time to focus for  a minute on Linkedin.

Many people call Linkedin the “Facebook for business”. I’m not 100% in agreement with that statement, but Linkedin certainly is a powerful and important social network. Personally, Linkedin has been vital in my own experience having been the stating point for projects, clients and even full time jobs. I consider being on Linkedin a must.

As sports sales teams are out there looking to increase their sponsor business – and for many accounts, this means the incorporation of social spaces, I think it makes sense for sales departments and marketing teams to spend some time ensuring their presence on Linkedin is strong.

Here’s how:

  • Update your “Company” profile – Marketing should have a look at this; be consistent with other messages
  • Ensure that all sales people have profiles – using Linkedin as a business development tool is essential in this space…
    • Reach out/connect with sponsors/contacts = Re-enforce existing relationships
    • Continue to build out networks and contacts
  • Is the Executive/Management team represented? This lends to credibility…
  • Consider starting a business networking group for your teams’ fans
  • Link to other social media platforms

If you are selling the social space, you need to be on Linkedin. It just makes sense.

More about using Linkedin as a business development tool by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “Linkedin and Selling the Social Space

  1. Very true and to the point! LinkedIn accounts for several leads anymore within business. I think it’s because other people are watching others ‘use and work’ with business’ and are willing to try someone or something that a friend of theirs is using.

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