Information is Free


FreeBeware of sales resources that charge for information on social media.

Tools like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook are free and hardly new. There is a great deal of information about their use and value for sellers available on the Internet. Charging hundreds of dollars for seminars and using terms like…

By this time next year, the gold rush to social media marketing will be near complete.”

… are misleading and false.

In addition, announcements like this one (eNewsletter focused on sales and social media) use sales techniques that are just plain cheesy and a turn off for many buyers. It just rubs me the wrong way and reinforces the sales stigma that I try to combat in my own training.

My Method

I freely share information to sellers, marketers or interested persons on what social media tools can do for them through this blog. My way is to share information that people may value and continue to follow. I appreciate this and their ideas/comments. Sometimes, those conversations turn into opportunities or projects – things that I do charge for, but only when it is for my direct services – not for information that is free to all.

Charging for such info flies in the face of what social media marketing is all about.


8 thoughts on “Information is Free

  1. awomansworthproject

    Tell me why social media matters in business. I’ve come across many people selling information about this although I’ve never bought. So Just how much are you wiolling to share for no fee? I do want to use social networks to build business but not sure where to start or if I’ve already done it but simply don’t know it.


  2. Hi Denise,

    I am sharing everything you see on my blog for free, as well as links to other blogs as well. Looks like you have a blog as well – so guess what, what you are already using social media now! Always happy to talk specifics with you.

    Try clicking on “Social Media” in the tag cloud on the left of my blog and have a look at my “Work” tab too…

  3. There is not trick to social media whether it is here on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace, etc. The buzz word is “social”. Regardless of the business you are in, if you engage others as the “people” that they are and offer value to the relationship that you are building, sales will come without the “pitch”. Agree that there is absolutely NO reason to pay for ebook after ebook of so-called tricks. Most of those are written by individuals that want to grow great numbers of followers with whom they have made no connection. I have met and interacted with tons of awesome people through social media and it has expanded my business to levels that I am now faced with trying to figure out how to handle it all!!!

  4. Hi,Good to see someone else has no charge, check out my blog I run a Motivation sie W.M.M. my blogs are a diary of how I am setting up my online antique site I awill putting out a blog at each stage to help others who are starting out all the ups and downs will be logged, you may find it interesting
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