WolframAlpha and The Sports Industry


WolframAlphaThere is a new and dynamic search engine on the web now called WolframAlpha. It may sound like a Tom Clancy novel, but WolframAlpha is changing how the internet works.

Here is What You Need to Know About It

Have a look for yourself by clicking right here; the link is to a search on Sports.

You’ll notice how WolframAlpha presents information. Not links to websites like Google does, but information and context about your query. WolframAlpha can do things that Google can’t – and that means that the rest of the world can access information about you and your brand in ways they haven’t before.

Now, these are the very early days for WolframAlpha – it’s pretty good with some things, like the NFL or MLB teams – but it doesn’t know what to do with “Chicago Bulls” (it displays the distance bewteen Chicago, IL and Bulls –  a location in New Zealand), but it will be getting smarter in the days ahead.

WolframAlpha is a “computational knowledge engine” and represents the shift in focus of the current Internet (web2.0) to the semantic web (web3.0). Exactly how WolframAlpha will impact the business of sports remains to be seen. But now teams and fans alike have a new tool to drill down on information. It can provide statistical info, comparisons, analysis – a new set of tools to open doors.

future-splat-iconWhatever WolframAlpha doesn’t know now is just a matter of time until it does. When it does encounter something new, it displays the icon on the right and informs the user “Development of this topic is under investigation…”

Start by searching on your brand or your team now. And keep looking back…


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