Bang On: @umassdilo and #Pens vs. #Caps #Game 7


CapsPensSome readers may find the title of this post confusing, and some may have an idea what it is about…

Yes, it’s about Twitter.

There are some exciting things happening if you are into sports marketing and social media. @umassdilo is the Twitter name for Michael DiLorenzo, Director of Corporate Communications with the NHL. Michael also has a blog – From the Blue Seats.

In case you didn’t know, the “#” (hashtag) is used on Twitter to denote a topic or grouping (more about hashtags here) – it’s a simple way of saying “I’m talking about this”. It’s community driven, so there isn’t really a great deal of etiquette on the use of hashtags yet. Anyone can use or create one, like #directcontact or #baconandeggs.

What’s been happening as of late is a pretty fantastic hockey playoff series between the Penguins and Capitals, and Michael DiLorenzo has been assigned to cover the games on Twitter. During the game, you will find @umassdilo Tweeting away, and there are several other individuals doing the same. I spent some time on Twitter while watching the games, and have found the experience to be interesting. The teams’ own Twitter feeds, @umassdilo’s and several other people contribute to a shared experience.

I asked Michael today if he would be Tweeting during #Game 7 – I didn’t get a direct answer but he did make (harmless) fun of me for what seems to be a Canadian term, “bang on” (as in: correct, perfect, bang on):

Michael DiLorenzoumassdilo@carsonmckee Yer bang-on right it is.


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