Twitter Sponsorship Strategies


TwitterIn a previous post, I talked about sponsorship activation via Twitter and provided a list of brands that Tweet. The idea being that these brands did not need to be educated on Twitter and would be more open to a conversation about sponsorship.

As of yet, I am not aware of any existing sponsorships through Twitter. In this post, I’d like to take a look at other ways to leverage Twitter for sponsorship:

  • The first and most obvious is to display sponsors on a teams’ Twitter background. Teams have branded their Twitter backgrounds, and the next step is to use parts of that space for sponsorship.
  • Teams can provide sponsor’s links in Tweets
  • Teams can drive fans to back to their website via tweet links where their sponsors are advertised
  • Use hash tags (#) to create sponsor titled contests or events (Ex. #sponsorGameday, #sponsorUpdate, #sponsorContest)
  • Crossover – Teams can participate in a sponsor’s own Twitter feed and encourage fans to follow the sponsors

Like any sponsorship – it is truly a partnership. Some brands will be more aligned with teams in terms of compatibility or Twitter crossover. Considerations surrounding frequency of messages, tracking, timing  and visibility will all come into play. Again, these are the very early days – smart sales teams will be moving on these opportunities and laying the path forward one step at a time.

For a complete list of players, teams and leagues on Twitter, click here.

Your feedback…

  • Any ideas for more activation?
  • Know of any sponsors working like this now?
  • Feedback/comments/questions on these ideas?

7 thoughts on “Twitter Sponsorship Strategies

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