Branding the Purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes: PART 2


Five For HowlingIt didn’t take long.

In response to the MakeItSeven website – or what I’ve called the branding of this purchase attempt, there is a t-shirt that positions against the brand called “Keep it Six”.

I think the interesting point here is that the PR battle hinges on the number of NHL franchises in Canada – but the issue is clearly elsewhere. The Coyotes are bankrupt – plain and simple. The brand has taken the issue to a different level, one that I still find to be an interesting strategy…


3 thoughts on “Branding the Purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes: PART 2

  1. rosswords

    The Make it Six and Make It Seven PR strategies will prove to be an exercise in futility for both sides. Fans can scream and shout as loud as they want and it still won’t influence the decision makers in the NHL.

    The NHL owners are loyal to Gary Bettman. They aren’t going to let a renegade owner (however deep his pockets and altruistic his motives) railroad the process of buying into the NHL.

    This is Basillie’s third attemt to own an NHL franchise, and with every attempt he seems to be ticking off the league more and more.

    There is a right way and a wrong way to gain entrance into the NHL, and Basillie is hell bent on taking the latter approach.

    I wish him luck, but at the end of the day his efforts to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes and move them to southern Ontario are doomed. PR strategies or no PR strategies.

    Ross Fattori

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