Is Twitter a Fad?


Beached Whale

It was a pretty strong ride…

No doubt – I am a Twitter user. When I blog about Twitter, I am:

  1. Considering that I am preaching to the converted, and…
  2. Also hoping to help explain the “why Twitter?” as well

Point #2 is the focus of this post. First off – have a look at:

Looks like the meteoric rise of Twitter has plateaued. And let’s be honest – it was a good ride. For while, Twitter was all you heard on the web, on TV, everywhere. Everyone was getting on Twitter, Facebook wanted to be Twitter… Getting popular very fast has 1 scary side effect – the slide back down to earth. Don’t get me wrong – I am a firm believer that Twitter is a powerful and engaging social media platform, and it will continue to be – as it continues to evolve in its own right as well as change the way we communicate.

The trouble with Twitter’s popularity is that many people join up simply because Ashton Kutcher, or Oprah, or Ellen or Obama told them to. This all coincided with the race to 1M followers (did we all just get Punk’d?!?) and ultimately results in millions of people who figured out that they just weren’t that interested after all.

That’s not a bad thing – it’s a good thing. The world has been experimenting with Twitter, and we are all seeing what we will do with it as individuals, as marketers, as businesses as brands.

Is Twitter a fad? No.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Is Twitter a Fad?

  1. I think like any popular site it will see it’s rise and eventual fall of popularity. I’m hoping though, that as Twitter has evolved with its users patterns of behavior that it will continue to do so and evolve, thereby increasing its life cycle. Even MySpace still has users right? Honestly, I love Twitter and would hate to see it go anywhere or change to much, but only time will really tell.

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