The CBC: Sports and Twitter


cbc-logoI was recently contacted by Tom Harrington at the CBC regarding a story he is working on about sports and social media.

With all the high profile attention Twitter is getting in the sports industry, Tom was looking for some background and opinions on why Twitter is so increasingly popular…

Why do pro athletes Twitter?

This all started with Shaq for the most part, who started tweeting after an imposter set up an account. Twitter provides a very simple 1-to-many approach to communication in real time. Fans follow players because of the authenticity and ability to get closer to their favorite teams – it is a different (and deeper) level of engagement. Sports organizations have taken note and are looking to get more organized and involved in social media and Twitter specifically.

Is Twitter a Fad?

Hard to say but I think probably not. Twitter is a success because of it’s simplicity. Twitter is still evolving and it is filling a need. 140 characters to communicate from anywhere, anytime. Twitter takes one of the most basic elements of Facebook – the status update – and turns it into an entire platform. Twitter is changing the way we communicate, much like email or IM.

Are There any Pitfalls with Twitter?

Sure -just like anything that is (relatively) new. Twitter is growing quickly in popularity and is being adopted by many people. There is the potential for another Domino’s Pizza type fiasco – consider how sensitive info could be breached (contract signings for example), or PR nightmares (is this the REAL Sean Avery? Don’t think so… but you see where I’m going). Teams should be looking at social media policies now, just ask Charlie V.

Should Tom and The National on CBC proceed with the interview, I’ll be sure to let you know…

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One thought on “The CBC: Sports and Twitter

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