Social Bookmarking with Delicious


I often review my blog stats to see what visitors are clicking on.

While I get frequent views of my linkedin profile, or twitter feed – I’ve noticed that I rarely get any action on my bookmarks. This leads me to believe there are 2 possible reasons why:

  1. delicious-logo6No one cares about my bookmarks
  2. People are not really aware of what delicious is

Reason #1 is very possible, but I won’t be changing what I bookmark based on popularity (or lack there of). It seems to me that delicious is a pretty interesting and valuable social media tool that is often overlooked compared to Twitter or Facebook. So here is my quick and dirty on delicious…

Delicious is a Simple Concept

It’s a social network and visibility tool focused on sharing your favorite bookmarks. Old school bookmarking used to be a time saving idea – an easy way to remember your favorite websites. Delicous brings a network to bookmarks – when you save a bookmark on delicious, you can also see how many other people have saved that bookmark as well, their profile and who they are, as well as all the other bookmarks they have.

Why You Might Care About Delicious

I view delicious kind of like reading between the lines. By taking time to review my bookmarks, you can get an idea of what influences me and get an idea of resources that I think are worth sharing. There is plenty of information out there to share – while I use my blog to share my own ideas, I like the convenience and sharing of things that I think are interesting via delicious.

Delicious integrates with other platforms like Facebook, so my bookmarks are publicized much like a status update to my Facebook friends in real time. There’s also a handy tool bar you can integrate into your browser that makes bookmarking with delicous very simple to do.

If you haven’t yet, give delicious a try – start by checking out my bookmarks.


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