Social Media – It’s Only Us


Don’t get me wrong, I’m kind of into hype…

After some time of rampant evangelicalism, there is a sober reality taking root as more and more organizations embrace what these new(ish) platforms of engagement can do for them.

I really liked this post from Zygote. It talks about ROI, and campaign measurement, and it is visually great as well.

Like anything new, there needs to be some demystification surrounding social media – and I think the easiest way to describe this, or focus this point is that – All social media really is… is us.

Using the tools available to access, introduce and collaborate with us is the trick – this is where the how’s and what’s are applied. But the why seems quite simple – because social media is where your market already is.

And we’re not so bad are we?


3 thoughts on “Social Media – It’s Only Us

  1. Year after year, businesses continue to compete so
    they are in the hunt for what would make them stand out and the methods and tools that will give them the
    advantage over others. Put links into social media about getting more information by joining your list.
    There are various ways through which Search Engine Optimisation can be brought to focus within the highest
    ways possible. Content has to be pretty outrageous to be considered a problem.
    Events can be found on the new Facebook page in the upper right under “Upcoming”-these are the events that are upcoming.
    Looking at impressions instead of reach is a great way to understand how your tactics are working.
    If you are using ads then you definitely should be testing.
    Whatever you do, like change your status, upload a video, write and publish a
    note, or just comment on another person’s message on the facebook news feed- it SHOWS UP in the news Feed.
    Finding that mutually beneficial cause or purpose
    is the key to influential reach. There are many tools for
    posting photos of your artwork and writing out your thoughts on each piece.

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