The Dangers of Sales Success


One of the dangers that many sellers come across is that when they get to a place of success, they start to slow down. They don’t have the drive to meet their quota, beat their competition or strive  among their peers to be the best.

And if you get to the top, someone is constantly trying to knock you off the pedestal – it’s tough being #1…

So how can you avoid this? Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Don’t let off the gas – the second you think you are safe is the second you are in trouble.
  2. When you close a sale, make a cold call (or 10) – Ride the wave of excitement/confidence and allow those feelings to resonate with some new business development.
  3. Ask your customers for referrals – keep the momentum moving by networking with your new customers – and be sure to give some referrals to these new contacts as well.
  4. Never look back – find some time to enjoy your success, but remember how you got there, I bet it wasn’t easy…

Just remember what’s like at the top of the pile, it can be a great place to be. But, now your colleagues and peers are looking to beat you – just as you were recently with the former top performer.

Keep at it and good luck.


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