Relax – It’s only Social Media


What exactly is social media – how does it redefine marketing?

I define social media simply as a communication platform that enables deep engagement. There seems to be a sense out there that social media means everything, and represents a revolution in marketing and communication. While I think  it’s true that social media is changing the landscape, there is much being defined and redefined right in front of our eyes, almost a living test run in action. This is the speed of technological change and adaptation today…

For example… Check out the most recent Facebook ToS (Terms of Service) flap and the related story on CNN – or evangelistic posts such as this that purport social media as the undeniable redrawing of the face of marketing.

It seems a bit funny that the basics of social media are so simple – user generated content and participation – and how social media has made such a splash and impact on marketing. It can seem like social media is so much of a buzzword, or something that appeared out of nowhere, but its evolution can be easily tracked. In addition, the huge layer of opinion and discussion generated through blogs and online communities provides a whole other element to the “phenomenon”.

Social media is a powerful and engaging platform – but the rush to categorize and historicize it as the greatest thing since (a. the printing press, b. television, or c. fire) sometimes only serves to intimidate and confuse…

Let’s keep this simple – Social media is:

  • Simple and/or Easy
  • Free and/or Inexpensive
  • Fun and/or Exciting

While social media maybe the greatest thing since sliced bread, whether or not it is redefining the concept of food and nutrition is another story for another day.

The point is – What are you doing with social media and your business today? It’s time to start with little steps…


4 thoughts on “Relax – It’s only Social Media

  1. Thanks Joe – Facebook has a history of botching things like this… despite their “success”, they have initiated and endured some huge oversights. Check out this CNN post on “Why I Hate Facebook”

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