Social Media and the Super Bowl


If you are into Sports Marketing like I am, check out this fantastic presentation posted by Pat Coyle.

One of the key points from Pat’s presentation that I was thinking about while watching the game last night was how many fans/viewers now expand the experience of watching sports at home while being online at the same time.

I am reaching out to my network today to ask people to share thier experiences from last night’s Super Bowl…

  • Were you on-line during the game?
  • If so, where were you?
  • What sorts of things took place?

Thanks for your feedback…


2 thoughts on “Social Media and the Super Bowl

  1. LOL – that does sound pretty social, and fun. In Canada, it’s less of a cultural event and mainstream TV doesn’t show the same commercials, so we don’t get the same experience.

    Thanks for your comment

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