3 Survival Strategies for Change


In the current economy, it is important to be ready for change.

People want to find a clear answer, an idea to build a strategy on – they want a path. For the time being, change and uncertainty are the new normal. So when things are unpredictable, now is a good time to:

    1. Network:  both in the workplace and externally as well; build some new connections; expand what you can see
    2. Update: your profiles… linkedin and similar places; increase your visibility/how you are seen
    3. Prioritize: list your current projects… evaluate and rank them; focus on what is under your control


      How well do you know your contacts? Consider a review of your connections in order to maintain a strong network. If there are people you don’t know very well, take the time to better understand them, or consider purging them entirely. It’s a good time to clean house and build out strong.


      Your profile represents you online so take some time to review and update it. I think it’s best to write in the first person (use “I” instead of “Carson”) when talking about yourself. Updating your profile will drive attention and increase your visibility. Have a look at what other contacts/people are doing and look to leverage tools and apps to make the most of your presence.


      The main idea is to evaluate what you are currently doing and look for easier/better ways of getting things done. This will probably also indicate some things that just shouldn’t be a priority right now, so delegate them or put them on the shelf for now.


      One thought on “3 Survival Strategies for Change

      1. Good sound advice, Carson.

        I would like to add that often the best advice goes unheeded because people become overwhelmed with all the “shoulds”.

        This creates a stress response which results in flight, fight or freeze & accounts for why the practicalities become just another good idea collecting dust.

        Knowing & practising techniques to balance one’s nervous system ensures that the individual easily accomplishes what is important to them, including networking, updating, & prioritizing.

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