Blue is the New Green


As it is the end of the year, people like to make predictions. So I’d like to look back  at a previous prediction for 2008 that blue would be the new green.

In late 2007, Ad agency JWT posited that blue would replace green as the color of the environmental movement – after all, the sea and the sky are blue… As it turns out, this didn’t happen and green is still green.

I interpret JWT’s  prediction differently – blue is (or can be) the new green, but not in so much as the colour blue standing for all things environmental. This thought is not a prediction for 2009 – but I think that companies and brands should be looking at “blue is the new green” as an opportunity – at least ones that provide a product that involves water (read as blue).

One of the greatest (subjective) marketing ideas of the 90’s was the commodification of water, and the second greatest was the upscaling of coffee. As far as I know, coffee is mostly water – so just where does that water come from anyway?

So I asked Starbucks (via Twitter):

carsonmckee @starbucks… where does the water in your coffee come from?
And @starbucks replied…
Starbucks @carsonmckee All the water in our stores goes through an extensive water filtration system.

No link, no details – just filtered water, a missed opportunity… As consumers continue to demand more and more environmentally sound and healthy products – will companies begin to focus on the water in their products? Is there a market innovation opportunity for companies like Starbucks to bring the water used in coffee production to the forefront? Would Coca-Cola ever release a “Blue Coke“?


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