Is Your Brand Missing Out?


Is there a business out there that is not interested in what their customers think?

No, is of course the right answer – not just because it sounds like it should be true, but it actually is. Companies spend endless amounts of time, energy and dollars in attempting to better understand their customers, what they like, where they are, and who they are.

Social media activation allows all this (and a lot more) – but why are major brands slow to move on it?

Most likely because they don’t understand it, or haven’t recognized it yet. A lot of these points are covered in a great article by Richard Binhammer, Senior Manager, Digital Media at Dell.

Richard questions why more companies are not leveraging the benefits of Social Media, and provides them with good reason to.

Here are 3 take-aways to move forward with when considering social media’s fit for your brand/business:

  • Is your brand out there right now, being discussed amongst your market? How can you know?
  • Are you ready to participate in that dialogue? How will you do that?
  • What are you going to do next?

The advantages of social media are strong:

  • These tools are easy to use
  • These conversations occur in real time, right now
  • Your market is already there, ready to engage

I can help answer these questions, and help plan what to do next.


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