3 Great Twitter Tools


This post is designed around the concept that you are using Twitter as a tool/strategy in building or marketing your brand and engaging your market. So in keeping that in mind – Here are 3 great tools that you can use to increase your productivity and get more out of using Twitter:


This site will automatically allow you to follow anyone who follows you and also send them a personal message to thank them for doing so. Why would you want to do that? Well, beyond the courtesy of following someone who is interested enough to follow you – Twitter is great as you can “try before you buy”. By “buy”, I mean “buy into”. You can simply unfollow anyone you like at anytime. Once you are following more than 20 or 30 people – the information begins to pile up pretty quick anyways and it becomes (nearly) impossible to track all those tweets. In this way, though, you are building up your base of followers, and also allowing them the opportunity to engage you as well.


So maybe you’d like to see who the real movers and shakers are on Twitter – well here they are. Why would you want to follow these people? It’s valuable to see what these people are tweeting about – why do they have 70K+ followers? What can you learn from them? Twitter counter gives a high level view of who (or what) people are most plugged into on any given day. You’ll find interesting people as well as brands that are active here…


If you’re really hardcore and manage multiple Twitter accounts, you can do all that in one central place with BrightKit. It can also send Tweets at a pre-determined time – so your followers will think you work really late and really hard… “Wow, I can’t believe Carson sent that at 3:21 in the morning, he’s on it!”

Twitter is a constantly evolving communication platform. I hope these sites give you a little more action if that’s what you’re looking for. And if you are simply wondering what Twitter is all about – just sign up and give it a look. All this stuff will be ready for you.

Lastly – Here I am on Twitter


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