Ownership: You Are a Business


I recently was asked what the single most important quality in a sales person is… I answered ownership.

But ownership is much bigger than that, and really has nothing to do with sales or any specific position. Ownership is about viewing your role in any organization as your “business”.

If you were to view your work as a separate business within your organization – how would you run it differently than the way you “work” right now? Let’s take a look at some things one does in running a business, and apply them to your role…

  • Planning – do you plan ahead for the next quarter or year? Do you assess your progress or benchmark goals on your own terms? Do you document these things in a business plan?
  • Marketing – how do you integrate with your coworkers? Do you actively (and tactfully :)) promote your self and your work? Do you exhibit a personal brand?
  • Operations – do you have a defined method of work flow? How do you stay on top of things? Do you just “start working” in the morning or do you plan/prioritize your approach?
  • Sales – do people buy in to your ideas? Are you able to demonstrate value through your actions and deliverables?
  • Adapt – do you do things the same way every day? How has your company changed – and how do you change along with it? How would you know if there were better ways of doing something?

Ownership is the art of self management. Often, the hardest people to influence or control are ourselves. Build time into your day to consider these areas of running a business – and apply them to your own role, no matter what the size of your company is, or role within it.


3 thoughts on “Ownership: You Are a Business

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