3 Steps: Challenge = Opportunity


It may be out of season right now, but baseball is always the analogy with work, life and (yes) love. For my purposes, let’s keep this in the ballpark of work.

Let me set the stage – Actually, the stage is set already in the “Challenge Economy” (a nice spin, but not my own words). It’s bottom of the 9th, 2 outs… and you are up to bat…

For some, this is a moment they do not wish to be in – but in reality, this is where difference makers can shine. Now is the time for the most resourceful and dedicated to “show up” and rise to the challenge. Opportunity is where preparation and timing meet – and in every challenge there is an opportunity or two.

Back to baseball… If you are a professional baseball player (I’m betting you are not), then baseball is your work or your job. It’s time to wait for your pitch and swing the bat. For the rest of, our work can throw any number of challenges our way – and some of them could be the turning points of the game. Knowing that this is your moment is an important step in stepping up, but it is only half the battle. If this is your moment, what exactly are you going to do?

Try starting with these 3 ideas:

  1. What can you directly control or influence? Focus on your role in the organization. What areas arer you responsible for? Plan to take action on something that falls solely on you to drive.
  2. Don’t swing for the fence when a single will do. Sure – a home run is amazing, but in baseball – in the bottom of the 9th, a single is all that is really required to keep you in the game. Sometimes, its the best play you can make. Keep it simple and…
  3. Think short term goals. What impact can made this week – or better yet, what impact can you provide today? If there is a big, daunting project – what bite can you take today that begins to address it or begin to manage it?

This is where the best arise, when the chips are down it is time to rise the challenge. And you need to have a plan to do it.


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