Reduce, Reuse and Recycle


What are the first 3 things you say in your sales process when you first talk to a prospect?

Do yourself a favor and never say them again.

If those 3 things are consistent with what most sellers in your industry say – throw it away. It won’t do you any good, in fact – those 3 things are probably the worst thing you can say. Why? Because your target market is sick and tired of hearing the same questions every time. They are used to those questions, those statements and they shut down when they hear them.

While your top 3 might have valuable answers – you need to find a different way to get them. You need to be different and get your prospects to think- actually think by asking them higher level business questions – not by qualifying them.

So what are your top 3? Write them down, and throw them away – or better yet…

  1. Reduce: How much are you saying upfront? Too much? Evaluate how much info you try to spit out in the first 30 seconds… chances are you can cut back.
  2. Reuse: I’m willing to bet that a lot of what you say has some strong value – for your prospect, or for you… is there somewhere else in your sales process that you can use this? How do you decide what to talk about and when? Have a look at what you ask/talk about and when you do it.
  3. Recycle: Is there a better way to ask your top 3? Is there a better way to get the answers you are looking for? Can you turn what you say now into something better or more useful?

In the increasingly competitive world of sales – and an increasingly “challenging” economy – you need to be different from your competition (any and all sellers). You need to stand out by being smarter, by getting your prospects to think – not qualify, by demonstrating value in the very way you engage people. Be open to something new, see what happens when you change things up and take on the challenge to change.


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