The Secret is… There is No Secret


The secret is out… There isn’t one.

While I’m not referring (directly) to ‘The Secret” (there is no way I’m putting a hyperlink there, thank you very much!), the additional layer of reference still fits.

Any resource that will tell you otherwise, stay away – it will lead you from the path. It’s quite simple in my opinion – it is just not hard to work hard. We are all born with different talents – some things come natural to some, and many of us need to work on the others to stay on top of them. But that’s what the secret to success is all about – actually working at it.

I want to be clear – just working hard is not a “complete” answer… it’s about working effectively. And there are many resources (books, websites, technology – you likely have these already to some degree) that can help a person do just that.

But it is the drive to work at things, the internal sale I call it, that needs to take place before anything else. Success can be measured by any number of external ways, but internal success can be the hardest to measure and is probably the most important to recognize.

So how do you measure success on your own terms?


One thought on “The Secret is… There is No Secret

  1. Great question, Carson. I love that inherent in it is that fact that success needs to be unique to each person and the standards of wealth, power, etc. that some folks impose are not universally applicable.

    For me, it’s been about giving myself and my family the material and emotional things we need along with a healthy dose of the ones we want! In addition, it’s been about putting forth my best efforts for whomever is employing me. While I do work hard, I think the idea is as you say – to work hard at being smart and productive.

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