Feedback on The Commodity Sale


I reached out to my network for their thoughts on the Consultative approach vs. the Commodity sale… Here’s the feedback…

Click Here for the del.ici.ous bookmark to my linkedin question.

It was great to receive everyone’s input. Much appreciated… Let’s hope this dialogue stays afloat – feel free to drop a comment here if you like to add your 2 cents.  

I’m looking back on these ideas as an attempt to build a new sales methodology, or a new idea on how sales can function into today’s marketplace. Of course, as several contributors pointed out – everything depends on what you sell, what industry you’re in…  everything always depends on something, but something always has to start somewhere…

Thanks again…


2 thoughts on “Feedback on The Commodity Sale

  1. Carson:

    The only time I’d endorse selling as a commodity would be when I was actually selling a commodity – pork bellies, OJ, etc. For business, consultative sales is what works.

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