Embrace the Commodity Sale


The Consultative Sales Process – The dominant methodology in today’s sales thinking. I’d like to test that idea for a moment…

If you have ever worked with me, you’ve certainly heard it a lot – the migration of Value from Product to Seller, the challenges facing sellers today and how solution consulting can address those requirements to help sellers succeed in today’s market.

But to be honest – I’m seeing cracks in the plaster. There are alternate voices from smart people that I trust (check out Jeremy Miller) who are increasingly putting messages out there that we are moving into different paths and paradigms.

And I think this is a good thing (no Martha intended).

The role sellers provide in the sales process is changing again. Here’s my thought…

The move and positioning focused on employing the consultative sales process as a way of preventing or subverting the commodity or price driven sale is increasingly not the right path. It is a defensive stance that is losing ground – it is time to give in and embrace the commodity sale.

Now my thinking does not go so far as to throw out the consultative process altogether – but this is something I’m going to look closer at.

What does it mean to embrace the commodity sale?

Better yet – think I’m wrong?


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