Are the Best Sellers Selfish?


During a recent training session, I presented the ideas behind Utilitarian Drive.

Utilitarian Drive is a concept that the moral “worth” of any action is measured by it’s contribution to maximizing happiness. In sales, this speaks to the requirement of Sellers to get the highest and best of use their time and effort to result in the most dollars. In essence, good Sellers are selfish – perhaps even Machiavellian.

We often think of “good” sales people as those that are open or attentive and the idea of Utilitarian Drive positions successful Sellers in a more selfish light. But is this concept wrong?

A friend and contact in the sales recruiting business wrote an interesting article about the best Sellers really being Servants, and where influence and power can reside in a Seller=Servant model. 

I think that somewhere in the middle is the idea of perception. How you (Sellers or anyone one in business, including a business itself) are perceived by your market/customers is everything. Perceptions can be controlled, and I believe good Sellers are aware of this and leverage different perceptions of themselves. Essentially, perception is everything in business.

So how do you want to be perceived? This is the concept of personal branding – something to address in a new post soon…


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